Friday, June 18, 2010

All water main MAIN LINE is complete! The contractor is now working on water services. Due to the number of houses along Pfingsten, this process will take us until the end of June. As stated before, during the connection of each house, the service to that individual house must be shut off for a matter of a couple hours. The contractor has done very well in informing each house when the water will be shut off. In cases where the BBox is located in the driveway, it is necessary for the contractor to dig in the driveway to make the connection to the existing water service. In this case, the contractor is also notifying these residents that cars should be moved out of the driveway if they are needed. Once all the services are completed, final connections will need to be made at the ends to create a full loop in the water main.

Once all water main work is completed, the contractor will begin work on the new storm sewer.

Thank you to all for your patience!

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