Friday, May 7, 2010

The Horizontal Directional Drilling of the water main is in full force. The contractor is reaming (pushing the drill through the ground) approximately 800 feet at a time, and the process will continue moving south until they get to Glenview Road. Once the 16” pipe is installed, the General Contractor (DiMeo Brothers) still has to dig up areas to install valves (which turn the water on and off), fire hydrants, and the water main down each cul-de-sac. This work will continue for the next several weeks. The boring contractor (the contractor doing the HDD) is currently boring from Springdale to a little north of Lindenwood. During the daytime while the contractor is working along Pfingsten, if possible, please use an alternate route around the site to avoid driving through the work zone. I'll re-post the route via Betty Lane.

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