Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just some notes

The Resident Meeting went well with a great turnout! We were very happy to see so many residents interested in the upcoming project.

The contractor plans to begin the first week of April.

A couple concerns/questions came up, here are some answers:

-New sidewalk will be along the east side of Pfingsten located WITHIN the right-of-way (ROW). The ROW along Pfingsten is pretty far off the edge of road, up to 35' in some places. It may seem like the contractor is going into people's yards, but all work will stay within public ROW.

-We will make all efforts to get in touch with residents in the cul-de-sacs before any work begins in each. We will work with residents to move their cars to accessible places to alleviate any delays. Please remember, sometimes it will be quicker for you to park elsewhere.

- To avoid delays, if you see that there could be construction impeding traffic, PLEASE try to use Betty Lane. I'll put a post with a link to a map.

-We will not be touching the berms on either side of the RR tracks.

-Regarding north of the RR tracks: only water main work, the road is NOT being reconstructed.

-A few trees will need to be removed. Any tree that is removed will be replaced by Public Works next Spring. It will be the resident's choice as to what type of tree will be planted. There is also some brush that will be removed or trimmed. Any removed brush will not be replaced.

-NICOR will be responsible for the restoration of their work completed last fall

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